So after four years
of getting by on the 2010 revision we've gone ahead with a swell update for Winter 2014. So much has happened in those four years we had to get it done: the Pro Leagues, serious talk of the Olympics and recognition of the sport by the IOC and USOC, car commercials, the Triple Crown Tour, the "pot-brownie" incident, the rise of MKBHD and of course, Brodie Smith. All of it is in this new edition.

The catch? Who wants a paperback anymore? This new edition is an eBook vesion only.

The other catch? Well since it's just some data transferred to your phone the price tag has dropped to $4.99. What! No Way! FTTYLM!


Remember, this nifty handbook of subversive culture makes a great gift for your cult of ultimate-loving friends.

Kindle version available.
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want the paperback? contact author at: leonardo @

NOTE: If you would like to pay by cash, check, a barter deal or shiny bits of metal and decorated seashells, email me.

NOTE: If you would like to receive the book at a tournament or somewhere in NYC and not have it shipped to you, please email.

if you are ordering the book as a gift and would like it signed to that special someone, please email or indicate such in the notes on the ordering form.

Canadian and overseas orders take about a week to arrive.Note: If the charge to mail it to you is less than the amount, you will be reimbursed. If it's more, uh, I don't know what happens then.

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