Many folks have asked: Who is Tony and who is Pasquale Anthony Leonardo? What did it take to write Ultimate: The Greatest Sport Ever Invented By Man? How can I have a career writing about Ultimate?

I'm glad they asked these questions, because it makes me think: Who am I? How did I get here? Why do I have two first names? Why do I have three first names?

FAQ: About Pasquale Anthony Leonardo

Q: What's up with all the first names?
A: I have four first names. Pasquale. Anthony. Leonardo and also, "IV" which is my Roman numerical indication. I sometimes leave that off. I am the fourth Pasquale Anthony Leonardo in my bloodline.

Q: What, is that royalty?
A: If you are famiiar with generations of Italians in America (and to be fair, I am half-Italian-American and half-Canadian/English/Irish-American which would make a good census selection box) you would know that most Italians here migrated from Southern Italy in the early part of last century. Southern Italians are notoriously backwards and poor and therefore not royalty at all, unless you count being a capo in la cosa nostra or a local olive magnate in Lecce. My famly has no such distinctions.

Q: Why do you sign your name Tony sometimes and Pasquale Anthony Leonardo other times?
A: I swear I am not a total phony. As God is my witness, I am both Tony and Pasquale. I was always called "Tony" growing up. But my social security card and driver's license and school records and all this crap always had Pasquale Anthony Leonardo. I got hassled a few times for my signature which said "Tony Leonardo" so about 8 years ago I switched it "Pasquale Anthony Leonardo." But I rarely go by "Pasquale" casually becuase that is funny-sounding.

FAQ: About Ultimate: The Greatest Sport Ever Invented By Man

Q:How long did it take you to write this book?
A: In December 2006 I was pitching a book featuring nice beautiful spreads of glorious national and international Ultimate tournaments – sort of a high-gloss picture book – called "50 Of the World's Best Ultimate Tournaments." A friend of mine introduced me to a literary agent and he said that my book pitch was intersting, but that Ultimate was too niche. He sent me to Breakaway Boooks. I pitched Breakaway and they didn't like it. I thought to myself, "Pasquale Anthony Leonardo, you just gots to come up with another pitch about Ultimate, son." So i grabbed the nearest book on my shelf that looked easy to write. It was called "The Hipster Handbook." So I said to myself, "I will pitch the 'Ultimate Frisbee Handbook' and model it on this here book." The pitch was accepted by Breakway in late January. I sketched out some chapters and ideas for the book but did nothing until the end of May. Then my editrix Jane and her friend Katie Derickson and I just riffed on stupid shit to write about Ultimate over the next 4 months. Voila!

Q: Who did the illustrations?
A: I wanted to totally cop the Hipster Handbook. I need an illustrator who knew Ultimate, so I asked around my friends and posted to RSD. A guy from Vermont responded to the RSD post and said his friend was a good illustrator. So I emailed this "friend" named Cade and eventually we worked out a deal to illustrate the book. Using photos, random snapshots from my camera phone and Cade's talents, we cobbled together all the illustrations you see in the book. Cade worked his ARSE OFF to get them done. If I were you, I would hire Cade right away to rock out illustrations for you. Cade Beaulieu: sevenscript AT yahoo DOT com.

Q: Why Ultimate Frisbee?
A: I've written all sorts of things but apparently the only thing that gets me published is Ultimate. I've written about Ultimate for newspapers, magazines, the UPA, WFDF, Paganello, Stanford Invite and of course I am the co-Author of Ultimate: The First Four Decades, which sold out and won't be reprinted anytime soon, sorry.

Q: How can I write about Ultimate?
A: Go bankrupt, or have loads of money stashed away somewhere. Travel around the country playing tournaments. Write for the UPA magazine and please do well enough so I can stop and find a real career.

Forthwith the top ten things you need to do to write a book about a sub-culture sport and its adherents.
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