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I read your book this weekend at my friends house and LOVED IT. Great sense of humor and descriptions are right on. Also, thanks for mentioning UNC-Wilmington.
-- Holly, Wilmington, NC

I got a copy of your book from Lookfly at Paganello and it's awesome. I've been on the sofa following my ACL op for the last week, and I almost got through it in one sitting; it definitely cheered me up to no end! Now I'm in the process of getting all my teammates to read it /get their own copies, and start teaching the useful bits to the Great Britain juniors to make sure they have a solid start to their ultimate careers.
-- Linz Wilkinson, U.K.

Although my hucks already leave much to be desired, I saw a copy of your book at a WAFC event (they were given as door prizes) and instantly needed one. Thanks for the quick send! I'll be sure to teach its many vital lessons to the HS kids I'm about to start coaching...
-- Duane L., Washington DC

My friend bought me your book since he went to the signing. I LOVE IT! I’m still reading it. My husband, Tom, wants me to hurry up so he can read it.
-- Katie G, Detroit

I'm running a film and photography competition through my blog and offering a new copy of your book as a prize. It's going to be based on this weekends Mixed Nationals 2009 in the UK. I thought I'd just let you know, I enjoyed reading your book and I'm about to send out an email to the whole of BritDisc (every UK ultimate player will get the message) which means a good few thousand people who don't know about your book soon will. All the best.
-- David Greenberg (#22 Thundering Herd) May 2009

Thanks for the books. My wife and I stayed up late reading it. It was a definite kick to see our culture lovingly skewered, and also to find out that I'm "a local oldster, even if I don't think so."
-- Matt W., Pittsburgh

You have a growing fan base in Ho Chi Minh City!
the students like your book very much! enjoy the KL tourney!
-- Lester S., Vietnam

Tony, glad you could use what I wrote. I ordered several books to give as gifts. Ireally like the book and have laughed out loud several times. once again, thanks for including katey and I.
-- Seanymac, Houston

The book is awesome. When I first saw it I was scared that it was going to be a superficial attempt to make some money off the sport but it actually comes across as dead on... the book is very cool.
-- Nathan L., Colorado

I feel like I should tell you your book is brilliant. I was living in a room of four frisbee players last year, and after we all read it, your book quickly became the bathroom reading of choice.
-- Eric A., Carleton College

Hey thanks again for getting me a copy of your book! Even my soccer player friends were laughing at how funny but ridiculously true it is.
-- Julia R., Connecticut

Tony, the book was a big hit -- everyone who received one at the wedding loved it. There were lots of yellow books being read on the beaches of Mexico in January!
-- Eileen L., Denver

I just received the books, thanks a lot, a great honor.
I took a look at the big one [Ultimate: The First Four Decades] and started to read the yellow one which I love -- very intelligent irony that I always appreciated a lot. Great job, I love you as a writer (and as a person).
-- Jumpi from Paganello. Bologna, Italy

I bought one at Barnes and Noble and read the whole thing....very funny! Love the stoner player guy thing too. I really laughed a lot at that book, it was dead on.
-- Matt T., New York

Hey Tony, I had my parents pick up your latest book for me for Christmas and absolutely loved reading it! It is by far one of the best books about ultimate around and is definitely the most humorous/truthful piece I have ever read about ultimate ever. Hope all is well and see you on the fields.
-- Brian C, Boston

I laughed a load and recognized so much :-) The scariest part was that I fit many of the stereotypes ;-)
-- Patrick V. from BULA, Portugal

Tony, I just thought you'd like to hear that my wife, an avid NON-Ultimate player, read your book and found it absolutely hilarious. Given how little she likes anything else about Ultimate, you should consider that high praise indeed.
-- David B., Brooklyn

I got a copy of your book for Xmas (I'm not ashamed to say that I specifically asked for it). I LOVED it! Great work! I couldn't put it down AND I couldn't stop laughing.
--Cassandra S., Florida

Tony, congrats on a hilarious contribution to the cultural downfall of mankind. I will enjoy this as I slip into retirement and Ultimate irrelevance semi-gracefully.
-- Alex T., Paris

I wrote you a few months after Eileen, gave me a siged copy, I was so surprised!! GRACIAS GRACIAS GRACIAS!!! I have been bragging about being on the top ten list :-)
-- Fernando N., Acapulco, Mexico

Hi Tony, Just got your book - and it looks absolutely terrific.
My husband is wonderfully typical of the types you describe. He plays with a bunch of very, very competitive fellow scientists - all of them in denial about how seriously they take it. Your book will be an extremely affectionate Christmas tease!
-- Jody T., Cold Spring Harbor, New York

I did receive the book and it's great stuff. I also appreciated the shout outs to Ug-Mo and Pie Queens. I'm telling all my friends on the left coast to pick one up.
-- Jeff M., New York

My boyfriend got it from his brother for Christmas and I stole it from him cause I started reading it and love it... hilarious...
--Shauna S., Massachusetts

the books arrived on the 28th. kirk and i have already read nearly front to back and we've had some good laughs. nice work, tony. you should be proud. wicked thing you've produced.
-- Lara M., Vancouver

Just back from beach worlds in Brazil, got my book. Joe Smash and i spent last night laughing our asses off. curious though: what ultimate type are you?
-- Becca T., New York

My mom wanted me to let you know that she bought a copy of your book at nationals and loves it! are we going to see you on the sand next weekend??? hope so!
-- Sara F, Los Angeles

"Hey, [you] know what, that's me on page one. Yep. And also on page 113. The partier, the guy with the beer can in his hand. See? Look at my profile. That's me. Look, see when I do this? When I get old and can't play anymore I can show people the book. I have, like, at least two copies. And you want to know the truth? I don't even drink."
-- Lucas M., Five Ultimate
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