Look, here's the score:
at this point this novelty book is more than just a novelty: it's nostalgia! Remember when sweet innocent ultimate wasn't corroded by the semi-pro leagues and their wads of money? When girls and guy both wore skirts on the field for layout blocks? When your parents still thought ultimate and disc golf were the same thing and why were you wasting your time anyways?

Well now you can remind everyone what ultmate was like way back when. Just buy a couple of these and reminisce with well-earned chuckles of gratitude. Haha, what a goofy sport those noobs were playing back in the day!


Remember, this nifty handbook of subversive culture makes a great gift for your cult of ultimate-loving friends.

Kindle version available.
Barnes & Noble nook version
Google Play available
Kobo available


want the paperback? contact author at: mrtonyleonardo at name your favorite email provider.

NOTE: If you would like to pay by cash, check, a barter deal or shiny bits of metal and decorated seashells, email me.

NOTE: If you would like to receive the book at a tournament or somewhere in NYC and not have it shipped to you, please email.

if you are ordering the book as a gift and would like it signed to that special someone, please email or indicate such in the notes on the ordering form.

Canadian and overseas orders take about a week to arrive.Note: If the charge to mail it to you is less than the amount, you will be reimbursed. If it's more, uh, I don't know what happens then.

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