Read Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Q: Is this book real?
A: Yes.Check out the publisher, Breakaway Books!

Q: How can I play Ultimate?
A: Anyone can play Ultimate! Just show up to a game and pretend
you can throw and catch.

Q: What's up with all the tiramisu references?
A: Sometimes, a man takes a few too many doses. Truthfully though I was inspired to add zaniness after reading John Hodgman's book The Areas of My Expertise which I have since given to my ex-girlfriend in a perhaps-fitting goodbye, thanks-for-all-the-fish moment.

Q: Who are the drawings based on?
A: Lots of different people, most of them friends of Cade (Beaulieu, the illustrator) from New England. Many are directly based on photographs of specific people. For instance, the Partier character is Lucas Murphy, who happens to be a teetotaler but still a fitting model.

Q: Who is Cade?
Cade plays Ultimate in Boston and makes a living as an illustrator. A friend of his responded to my RSD post and sent me to him. We did a few test runs and decided to run with with it. They are all pen-and-ink drawings, mostly inspired by photographs. Hire him: sevenscript AT yahoo DOT com.

Q: When was this book written?
A: The idea was put together in January 2007, written from May through September that year (with much help from Jane Carlen and Katie Derickson, the three of us bounced all of the writing off each other and Katie and Jane wrote the "Cheers" chapter and most of the "Hotels versus Motels" chart, among others) and printed in November 2007.
It was first made available around December 2007 and reached stores in January 2008.

Q: Will this book sell to a large audience?
We don't use the term "sell." We prefer "ingratiate to the lowest common denominator."

Q: Can someone make a living off of writing books about Ultimate?
A: This is my second published book on Ultimate (the first, which was co-written by me, is no longer in print but you can see some of it here) and the definitive answer is no, of course not, don't be a fool.

Q: Are you planning to write another book?

A: Yeah sure, just sign me up for a 10K advance and it's all yours.

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